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Splat em Splat the food on people you hate and don??t hesistate or hold back
0 0   197
The Pharaoh s Tomb Avoid the monster but try collect all the golds
0 0   216
Electricman2HS Can you defeat all your enemies, Find out it this ultimate fighting game. The main objective of the...
0 0   258
Indestruct2Tank Indestruc2Tank, the long awaited sequel to the surprise hit IndestructoTank with tonnes of new featu...
0 0   185
Samurais Blood Long time ago there were 7 elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Darkness, Light and ?Thunder. It is s...
0 0   270
Megaman Zero Like megaman? Then you will LOVE this game! If you do not like megaman you will still love this gam...
0 0   360
One Man's Doomsday 2 Simply kill your enemies :D Arrow keys to move, S to roll, A to attack/fire, D to throw away your w...
0 0   297
Magic Sword Kill your enemies, try to find new combos!
0 0   257
Boxhead The Zombie Wars Boxhead is back with even more zombie slaughtering action. This time theres something new: now you c...
0 0   253
R.O.B.O.T You are the last of your Robot species around. Fight off other robot species trying to end your exis...
0 0   208
Goblin Defense 2 Defend your castle against the goblins. Be careful of all the sneaky ads in this game... Just let it...
0 0   182
Easter Egg Run Help the Easter Bunny collect up all the Easter eggs in time for Easter. Beware though, its a danger...
0 0   164
Super Fight Fight If you like stick figure fighting madness, than this is the game for you.
0 0   159
Flash Gunner Enemy troops are trying to invade your base camp, destroy the enemy force.
0 0   168
Strategy Defense 3 Defend your castle at all costs. Build soldiers and go into battle or your castle will be toast.
0 0   167
Faith Fighter Choose your character and prepare for battle in a fun fighting game.
0 0   160
Stormwinds 1.5 Try and defend yourself against aggressive aerial attacks that could leave your base depleted.
0 0   158
Achilles Battle your way through 15 crazy levels of Greek warriors.
0 0   205
IndestructoCopter Another sequel to IndestructoTank is here but this time youre in a vehicle that is meant to fly.
0 0   171
Cyborg You were designed to be the perfect female, but thats not how it worked out. Destroy everything in y...
0 0   181

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