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Alien Commander Destroy wave after wave of alien fighters, drones, bombers and buzzers in this classic arcade game.
0 0   162
SuperSoilder Sidescrolling soldier game! Sweep back and forth controlling the enemy territory!
0 0   175
Zidane Headbutting Play as Zidane! Beat as many Materazzi as you can!
0 0   170
Tubin Navigate the tuber safely through the waters while collecting bonuses along the way.
0 0   168
Ovgata Ninja Nice Fighting game with ninjas
0 0   155
Christmas Kombat Select your Xmas characters and fight it out
0 0   161
A Day of Slacking Don't play this at work - cause in this game you do everything except work!
0 0   155
Panic in Chocoland This is a fast paced action game where you have to collect all the bombs before time is out
0 0   146
Defend the North Pole Smack the naughty kids with your candy cane! Ho Ho HO!
0 0   161
Real or Fake Breakfast Have you ever wanted to play Deal Or No Deal, but with none of that pesky money cluttering up the pl...
0 0   129
Whack a Crab Click on all the crabs and don't let them reach Captain Jack Sparrow in this Pirates of Caribbean ga...
0 0   153
Finders Keepers:Bahamas Catch valuable items with your trap line, and pull them up to earn money and increase your score. Yo...
0 0   140
Bunnies and Eggs Move the log back and forth as more and more bunnies try to reach the other side. Can you keep up in...
0 0   162
Gekisen Gekisen plays and feel a lil like magic the gathering but faster and a bit more lethal. You have lif...
0 0   154
Easy Bake Easy Bake is a fun cooking game. Decorate the perfect cake with icing and other bits and pieces!
0 0   168
Run Jerry Run Jump just right to grab as many pieces of cheese as possible. Later on it gets harder. Play more Tom...
0 0   190
Fantastic Four Rush Crush Bust up all the missles, tanks and other things as you play in this Fantastic Four game.
0 0   125
Even More Bloons Enjoy new level of Bloons. As usual your goal in Bloons game is to try to pop as many balloons as po...
0 0   149
Choppa Poppa Pop all the balloons with your choppa and dodge the enemies, mines, and obstacles.
0 0   169
Super Pirate Isle Bomberman remixed with a pirate theme. Blow up enemies and treasure chests.
0 0   153

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