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Adventure - Page 2

Orbita Find all of the batteries if you want a chance at escaping this crazy planet.
0 0   170
Phantom Mansion Blue More phantom mansion... Hector needs your help now more than ever.
0 0   201
Ninja Rampage Sneak around as a ninja and kill the enemy without being seen or else.
0 0   251
Phantom Mansion Green Phantom Mansion is back with another exciting adventure...
0 0   193
Dinok Help these 3 dinosaurs travels through different levels. Each dinosaur has different skills and abil...
0 0   210
Icescape While stationed at the arctic circle you hear a loud crash... Check it out and see whats happened.
0 0   260
James The Beach Zebra ames has decided to head to a tropical beach to surf, dig a giant hole and play volleyball in this c...
0 0   183
Max Merisia Chp3 RPG If you like RPGs than this should be a good game for you... Beware of spelling mistakes though!
0 0   189
Phantom Mansion: Yellow Hectors problems continue as he travels further into the mansion.
0 0   197
An Escape Series 3 Try your best to escape the obstacles you are faced with in the 3rd version of An Escape Series.
0 0   220
Super B You are a super box, and it is up to you to complete your various missions and take out the bad guys...
0 0   188
Treasure Quest Deluxe Explore forests, caves, and grasslands looking for the switch that opens that chest full of gold.
0 0   229
Witch Hunt: Nooboo Mary Use your spells to take over the town and use the villagers to your advantage.
0 0   147
Witching Hour Fly around on your broomstick and blow everything in your way to pieces.
0 0   156
Strategy Defense You are Fayla, the King of Doven. Your family has been trapped by Dogfire and it is up to you to ret...
0 0   156
Chooka World Remove all the Chookas from the levels by creating chain reactions of popping bubbles.
0 0   170
13 Guardians Fight for your country in attempt to free the people from an evil dictator.
0 0   222
Phantom Mansion: Red Try and make it through all 22 levels using keys, crates and switches in attempt to find all of the...
0 0   164
Pumpkin Man Help Pumpkin Man avoid the skeleton people and their cannons and see how long you can survive.
0 0   180
Ocean Explorer Score points by taking under water photos of cool and exotic fish. The better the photo, the more po...
0 0   205

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