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Adventure - Page 3

Artifission Chapter 1 I hope you dont have to go anywhere. This RPG game could take up to an hour to beat!
0 0   146
Submachine 5: The Root Here comes part number 5 of the nice atmospheric point and click adventure Submachine. Use mouse to...
0 0   167
Escape from Scientology Land In this game, you are kidnapped by the Church of Scientology and sent to their evil world headquarte...
0 0   144
Goliath The Soothsayer Goliath the Soothsayer is an adventure game designed by Ben Leffler (of Exmortis series fame) to pro...
0 0   162
Key To Adventure: Episode 1 Joes girlfriend is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Bad! Now, with the help of your new electric friend Bzz...
0 0   168
Nameless Game Massive Adventure game, with Creative Original Levels and Adventures.
0 0   161
Teong Du Fight Very cool game, move with arrows, jump with "x" and kick with "z". Also collect swords and food.
0 0   145
The Relic Rush Sneak past guards and security systems in order to recover a priceless relic, before dashing to retu...
0 0   141
The Curse of Waterdeep Reclaim the orbs to save the cities.
0 0   150
Stabika Press the random buttons in your keyboard and keep the hero alive.
0 0   135
Cross The River Your mission is to cross the river. Search things which help you succeed.
0 0   161
BurgerMan Burger Man is an online Action / Adventure game. Like pacman but its burgerman.
0 0   153
Pointless Game This is a nice, little jump and run adventure game with no story at all!!! The aim is to run through...
0 0   148
Puzzled Episode 1 Try to escape from the room in this graphical adventure
0 0   147
La Luna Hotel Many check in but few check out... Escape from the Luna Hotel before it is too late. Explore the roo...
0 0   196
Scooby Doo Escape Sccobby Doo Escape From The Coolsonian. Scooby is trapped in the Coolsonian Museum. Help him find hi...
0 0   245
Abandoned Explore the scary rooms as you try to get your bearings and find out where you are and how to escape...
0 0   220
Nightmares Ep 1 Help Victor face his fears in the Land of Nightmares so he can sleep in peace! Play Nightmares Episo...
0 0   160
Princess Natasha-No Vacancy Cute and easy point and click adventure game. Help Natasha get into Lubek's hideout and destroy his...
0 0   151
Zelda Valentines Quest Link has forgotten that it was Valentines day, and so the quest begins. Press enter to start the gam...
0 0   180

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