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Arcade - Page 5

Net Pet This is a cute game (with poor grammar) where you raise a pet dog or cat.
0 0   160
Suds Make words by clicking on the rising bubbles
0 0   175
Mulan Fire Away Help Mulan hit the target by aiming her bow.
0 0   162
School Flirt Find the guys and click on them; once they have fallen in love, collect their hearts. If another gir...
0 0   149
Jess's Waterfall Jump Help Jess collect artifacts and make it down the waterfall
0 0   147
Winx Flight Training Help train your Winx girl to fly
0 0   137
Baby Bratz Fish Tank Pick 4 fish, design your tank and care for your fish. Keep your fish happy and healthy by buying sup...
0 0   152
Puff's Skate Jam Help Puff find his way home to Sugar Mama on the skateboard by avoiding people and things and gettin...
0 0   176
Shop Don't Drop Dress your shopper and then pick up as many things at the mall as you can before the clock runs out!...
0 0   139
Diving Dolphin Swim through the ocean eating fish to keep up your energy. Jump thorugh hoops to get extra points an...
0 0   167
Ice Champions Ice skate with the Bratz. Pick your music (which doesn't work) then pick which moves you want by dra...
0 0   158
Virtual Pet Pick a cat and take care of it for 1 year. Choose from food, exercise and care for your animal by cl...
0 0   145
Buzz Buzz Collect the flowers and avoid the tress and other insects
0 0   166
Icy Candy Catch the falling candy and drop them in the square below on top of the same colors
0 0   158
Mr. Piggy Help Mr. Piggy save his love. Use the arrow keys to move, the spacebar to jump. Collect objects and...
0 0   174
Pucca Pursuit Help Pucca collect all the bonus and avoid the bad guys. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar...
0 0   164
Sue Beauty Room READ THIS TO PLAY! This game is in a forign language. Help Sue find the missing objects and get dres...
0 0   150
Star Island Make your way around the island and collect the stars and open your pathway to the next level.
0 0   174
Hearts Help shoot the hearts. Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot; use the up & down arrow keys to hov...
0 0   171
Mister Easter Run and bounce the Easter eggs and grenades into the nests. Miss even 1 grenade and BOOM!
0 0   151

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