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New Super Mario World II Enjoy the very latest levels of the classical Mario!
0 0   248
New Super Mario World Enjoy the latest levels of the classical Mario!
0 0   296
Cosmo Cabs Zip around an alien world, dodging traffic and watching out for speed cameras as you try to deliver...
0 0   151
Baby Hospital Play as a nurse in a "baby hospital" and take care of the babies until they are fully okay. For how...
0 0   171
Super Mario World Flash Not quite the same as the original, but a great Mario Flash game nonetheless. Move with the arrow ke...
0 0   285
Cannibal Muffin Great arcade game by Minijuegos.com
0 0   141
Winged Bullet A bullet with wings travels much farther than one without. Fly through the cave collecting the energ...
0 0   132
Metro Siberia Underground To navigate through the Siberia Underground, you need to watch out for the tricky gravity. Press and...
0 0   117
Leap Frog Avoid getting eaten by piranhas by hopping across lily pads.
0 0   153
Mr. Carrot Face Collect as many presents as you can!
0 0   146
The Last Dinosaur Help the last dinosaur survive a massive asteroid attack! Stay alive as long as you can.
0 0   142
Cloud Climber Climb to the heaven!
0 0   151
Training Micromonk Your goal is to protect yourself from the objects flying towards you.
0 0   134
Cattlepult Try to break all the plates, just like a bull in a china shop!
0 0   142
Food Stack Hungry? Move your platter and catch the delicious falling food!
0 0   155
Pubber We all remember Frogger. Now see if you can lead the lost Pubber to his favorite pubs.
0 0   149
Save Me 2 The buildings are on fire again! But this time things are getting serious. Remember, catching the fu...
0 0   141
Caveman Save your girlfriend from the evil prehistoric monsters! Throw mudballs with space and move with arr...
0 0   172
3D Ball Drop Lead the ball to the right hole, use your mouse.
0 0   160
Turnip Hunter Very easy and cool game. You need only your mouse. Pick up the vedgetables and avoid contact with th...
0 0   137

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