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HS Jail Bird Man Harvey's on a mean losing streak and his list five clients have landed in the slammer. To see that j...
0 0   243
HS Jetpack Stan Guide Stan through the cave network
0 0   223
HS Jimmy The Fin Avoid the jelly fish and swim as far as you can.
0 0   246
HS Jingleballs Make some snowballs and whack innocent passers-by in humbug fashion.
0 0   201
HS Juego This rabbit has attitude can you help him get through his world?
0 0   226
HS Juice Squeezer Squeeze as much juice out of the orange as you can within 30 seconds.
0 0   231
HS Jumping Nutty How high can you get?
0 0   216
HS Kill Tweety Kill that annoying beast!
0 0   242
HS Let M`Roll Catch the heads before they hit the ground for points, but don`t drop more than five!
0 0   239
HS Lumpy Artist How many steps can you take without falling?
0 0   217
HS Major Slant Can you get the ball thru the maze?
0 0   209
HS Harry Potter: The Marauder`s Map Guide Harry through the maze levels.
0 0   151
HS Marble Mayhem Collect each of the letters that make up the words on each of the 3 levels in the fastest possible t...
0 0   205
HS Mind Me Bloody Beer Johnny Vegas has had one too many. Can you help him hold his pint. Don`t let him spill it!
0 0   188
HS Monkey Mayhem Oh, that monkey! He`s been in the supply hut again. Can you recover the stolen goods?
0 0   172
HS On The Water Tux:Long River Race around the track as fast as you can.*Set to 3 decimal places
0 0   142
HS Park The Caravan Park the caravan as fast as you can.
0 0   186
HS Pepsi Bucket Launcher Time to kick the bad guys out once and for all!
0 0   136
HS pingviinik Help the penguins to keep their eggs warm. Make all the eggs warm to win.
0 0   192
HS Potato Peeler Peel the potato as fast as possible!
0 0   203

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