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HS Power Ball Challenge Bring your Powerball up to 15,000rpm or even more by keeping your mouse pointer on the lights
0 0   148
Plato's Cursed Triangle Can you figure this one out?
0 0   143
Merlins Haunted Clock Merlins Haunted Clock
0 0   163
Doggy Culture Different dogs from different cultures dressing up in animal costumes and animal hats. Fun animals d...
0 0   182
Poodle's Party This fashionable poodle is having a party. Makeover the poodle and dressing up in wigs and pretty fu...
0 0   193
A Trip to the Vet Take your dog to the vet when it has health problems in this game at the veterinarian office and hea...
0 0   186
Dog Walk in Park Game Animal game to get your pet ready for a walk in the park. This dog is so happy to be in the park and...
0 0   169
Dogs on a Date These two dogs are going on a date. Pick what they should wear on their date in this animal game to...
0 0   182
Dalmatian Puppy Game A dalmatian is such a cute pet! An animal game with the dalmatian puppy game, dress up an outfit for...
0 0   184
Friendship Bracelet Maker This is a pretty cool game! You select the type of bracelet you like and string the beads you like o...
0 0   131
Holly Hobbie Surprise Party Help Holly throw her aunt Jessie a surprise party! Use the arrow keys to collect and deliver apples...
0 0   127
Find Her Calbee Chips Okay you got to help this girl find back the bits of chips before she mess up the whole place. Pay a...
0 0   180
Love Calculator He loves me, he loves me not... Stop fretting, the love calculator is here! Just input your name and...
0 0   182
Date Dash Ellie, Magda, and Nadine have to get ready for their dates. Gather all the hearts and the objects an...
0 0   184
UFO Action Learn to fly the newly purchased UFO
0 0   162
Covert Front 2 This game is freaking awesome.
0 0   180
Collateral Damages Shoot cop cars wit your awesome machine.
0 0   181
Cold Fusion Select plasma pieces and fuse them together.
0 0   196
Clickage Click the mouse as many times as you can.
0 0   189
City Escape Escape from the city.
0 0   179

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