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Squares And Blades Battle your enemies on a chess like board. Be prepared as your enemies will get stronger and stronge...
0 0   154
Armor Picross 2 The sequel to the best nonogram puzzle game is here, I hope you have some time on your hands.
0 0   191
Sola Rola Attempt to roll your furry little friends to safety in this fun gravity based puzzle game.
0 0   172
The Mind Bender Move crates with your telekinesis powers to move through obstacles and finish the course of 20 level...
0 0   171
SubtrAccion Subtract the numbers as fast as you can.
0 0   168
Mental Your objective is to escape the mental hospital in the fastest possible time.
0 0   184
Blocky blocks Blocky blocks is a unique puzzle game.
0 0   172
AngelBobble Your goal in this erotic flash game is to beat your opponent. Group the same colored dots together t...
0 0   215
Cirplosion Addicting skill/puzzle game where you create circles between moving orbs.
0 0   208
Rainbow Block A game looks like Tetris but with an innovative twist!
0 0   179
Twilight Blocks Just click on the blocks when you reach 3 or more colors that are touching. Just never let it hit th...
0 0   177
Tastes Good This cute little boy can eat absolutely anything in this funny cluster symbols in order to dissolve...
0 0   158
Egg Static You gotta hatch them all in this sweet logic puzzle game. Use your mouse to move eggs to the mechani...
0 0   168
Basho Kioku You are faced with a grid of 36 squares, and your goal is to click on each of them in turn. Each rou...
0 0   180
Teddy in the Bush You're a power hungry greedy bear with a fetish for honey, fruit, gold and diamonds! Your objective...
0 0   160
Soluku Named after the famous game, Soluku offers players a choice of the amount of numbers displayed. And...
0 0   170
Yes or No - Holiday Show Press left and right arrow key to answer given questions with yes or no. But be aware. There are onl...
0 0   146
Button Hunt 2 This is the creative sequel to Button Hunt. Your task is to find and click on the button.
0 0   203
Prison Escape It's World War II, you've been captured by the German SS during a covert mission in enemy territory....
0 0   196
Smiley Puzzle In Smiley Puzzle you have to slide the smilies to match 3 of the same color. Make combos, earn bonus...
0 0   312

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