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Puzzle - Page 4

Kaeru Jump Use the arrow keys to move and clear all the stones. The frog can move forward, right or left but no...
0 0   188
Escape the Apartment Escape the flat before you starve. Gather items and use them to unlock the main door.
0 0   184
The Impossibly Hard Quiz Answer some tricky questions, good luck!
0 0   131
Escape Your Sister?s Room Room escape game, get out of the room somehow.
0 0   153
TNT Escape Escape the room, see instructions below.
0 0   160
Potty Mouth Ninja Collect all the treasures and proceed to the next level. Avoid the gunmans and birdies
0 0   157
Poco2 Escape2.0 Find the objects that you will need and escape the room.
0 0   166
Pog o Death A fun puzzle game.
0 0   166
Kiras Quiz Answer the difficult questions to Kiras test and get her to take off her clothes
0 0   173
Boobs Butt or Shoulder 2 Guess which female body part you are shown on the girl models
0 0   196
Boobs Butt or Shoulder Being shown a cropped image of a woman you must pick which part of her body it is
0 0   198
Harley Davidson Puzzle Play this puzzle game and give life to a Harley. Use the mouse to drag the puzzle pieces.
0 0   175
Tilez Maze 2 A Massive Maze waiting to be solved.
0 0   161
Trivia Machine Test your wits with this fun triva game. Answer questions in multiple categories and skill levels.
0 0   167
Flash4Z Flash4Z is a puzzle flash game. The aim is to get 3 green box at each level : the first one is archi...
0 0   186
Flash Orbit Flash Orbit is a skill flash game. The principle is based on the gravitation which is a phenomenon b...
0 0   154
FlashAX FlashAX is a puzzle flash game. The aim is to get maximum score by making a square with game edges....
0 0   176
Tetrix7 Tetrix7 is a flash game project of a tetris game with new 7 pieces. You always have to create horizo...
0 0   176
Ulines Ulines is a puzzle flash game. To play, select any ball on the field and move it to any free cell. I...
0 0   167
FlashXagon FlashXagon is an Othello clone puzzle flash game. Click on the piece that you want to move, the game...
0 0   190

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