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Puzzle - Page 5

Flash Magnetic Flash Magnetic is a puzzle flash game. The aim is to piece together the same color blocks. You can m...
0 0   171
FlashMAZ FlashMaz is a tilt maze flash game. Play by clicking on arrows with the mouse. The aim is to find th...
0 0   167
FlashMIN FlashMin is a minesweeper flash game. It is a single player computer game. The aim of the game is to...
0 0   161
Tangram House Unique puzzle game
0 0   162
Remove Balls Remove same colored 2 or more balls. The more balls you can remove at once, more points you get.
0 0   211
Mind Reading Chicken The Chicken will read what's on your mind
0 0   173
Insurgo Your goal in this awesome physics-based tower building game is to build the tallest, largest, and st...
0 0   160
Scrambled Eggs Match eggs by color, numeric sequence, or both for eggs-tra bonus points! Play now for some down hom...
0 0   166
Mystic Hunter Search the rooms for clues on how to unlock locked doors or open secret passages.
0 0   234
Mysteriez Look around the room and try to find as many numbers as possible created out of objects.
0 0   256
Mahjong Burger A burger restaurant and Mahjong puzzle game mixed together for some good Mahjong fun.
0 0   192
Addle Valley A series of riddles set in the mysterious Addle Valley. Can you escape the town that no one has ever...
0 0   180
Gimme5 WildLife Find 5 differences between the two wildlife pictures. Can you find them all? Play more spot the diff...
0 0   175
Escape Phone Booth You're in a phone booth, and you can't call your way out. You must find a way to escape!
0 0   165
Escape The Haunted Mansion In this game you are trapped in a Haunted Mansion and you try to escape by finding items and solving...
0 0   146
Escape Haunted House Help the Princess to escape the Haunted House, this is a very easy point and click escape game.
0 0   165
Needless Prologue Both your parents passed away, nobody cares about you in your foster family, you think it is time to...
0 0   157
Pickies Match pickies of the same color in a row to remove them from the board. Use the ninjas to clear pick...
0 0   223
Shot The goal here is to leave only one black ball on the board. To do so, select a black ball and drag i...
0 0   165
Ranch Escape Find items and escape the ranch.
0 0   161

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