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Pootris It's toilet time, and you're about to explode. Unfortunately, taking a dump is a little more challen...
0 0   171
StarShine Light up all the stars in this dazzling new action puzzler. You have but a single shooting star in y...
0 0   169
Puzzle Freak Play with computer opponents on this fun board game and every square you land on requires you to sol...
0 0   140
Escape The Closet Escape the closet in this point and click game.
0 0   146
Detective Find the wanted person in the crowd within 10 seconds.
0 0   161
Get Out V2:Poker Night Get Out V2:Poker Night is an Escape the room game with quirky graphics and pretty tricky puzzles.
0 0   142
Escape The Bomb You are locked up in a room with a bomb that will explode in 2 hours. You have to defuse the bomb in...
0 0   147
Fill Up Game Move the stars bubbles to the star locations
0 0   152
Factory of Fear Inspector D. Falcon has to search a girl that's lost in an old factory. But the search is full of da...
0 0   165
Terminal House Your aim in this point and click game is to escape from the locked room. Like the other room escape...
0 0   162
RSVP Dinner Party Your goal is to make all guests happy in this fun puzzle game.
0 0   139
Flooded Room Escape Escape from the Flooded Room, another room escape point and click game.
0 0   135
Kakato Otoshi A strange little game where you have to use the hammer to chop the heels down.
0 0   164
Dice Mogul Dice Mogul:Buy spaces and build property. Manage your money well and dont run out of it.
0 0   144
Holly Attic Treasures Can you uncover all the hidden items in Holly's Attic? Enjoy the simple and fun point and click game...
0 0   184
More Beer Keep the beer guzzlers happy!Your objective is to connect the top of the drums to the bar by using d...
0 0   150
Reunion Fun Point and click game : Escape the room to reunite with your alien friend.
0 0   142
Virtual Logistics As the operator ,you must get all containers to the correct stores.Click on the directional arrows t...
0 0   154
Dungeon Escape Can you escape the dungeon? Atmospheric point and click adventure. Sometimes you will face dangerous...
0 0   143
Gimme5 Again gimme5 again is another fun photo hunt game, it is back with more images to guess and a joker to he...
0 0   156

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