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Shooting - Page 4

Kitty Cannon Shoot the kitty as far as you can.
0 0   143
30 Seconds Monkey Hunt Hunt down as many monkey as you can in 30 seconds in this fun shooting game.
0 0   150
Turkey Trouble Shoot down those pesky turkies before they take over your city.
0 0   122
Turkey Shot Kill the turkeys before they kill you.
0 0   154
Stupid Cupid Training School Play as the Cupid Trainee in this cartoon shooting game
0 0   131
Santastrike You must shoot as many Santas as you can within the time limit. Be accurate for max score.
0 0   134
FPS In Real Life 4 Play FPS in real life! Very cool game but it's a large download.
0 0   133
Bloody Day 2 Sequel to the bloody shooter with the same concept, shoot the people walking by
0 0   233
Bashing Pumpkins Use your mouse to bash as many pumpkins as you can
0 0   175
World War 2 Soldier First person World War 2 shooter
0 0   134
Duck Hunt Clone A very nice clone of the classic Duck Hunt game
0 0   146
The Gunman: Sniper Shoot down the stick men with your sniper rifle
0 0   177
Crazy Flasher v3 Fight your way through the levels to earn money and buy better weapons.
0 0   153
Gangsta Life Be one of the bad guys and roam the streets in this GTA-inspired game. The objective of the game is...
0 0   221
A-Blast Liberation Blast your way through the alian armada. Plunder whatever technology you can. Defeating the fearsome...
0 0   131
Weapon of Bush Destruction Go around shooting all the 'bushs', fun game that somewhat weird but enjoyable.
0 0   143
Rudolphs Revenge Rudolph gets revenge in this small but addicting christmas game.
0 0   151
Deadly Dwarves Little killer dwarves have invaded your little shire and you need to put up a brave fight and defend...
0 0   137
Attack Time Stop the machines from Taking you APART! They want you for spare parts!
0 0   158
Melee Combat Another crazy shooting game!
0 0   137

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