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Strategy - Page 3

Scary Sleepover How scary are you? How fast can you scare the contestants out of the house? You have until 6.00am to...
0 0   196
Markus Eichenberger's Pet Feeding Feed four cute pets to prevent them from starving. Avoid the ravenous monster...
0 0   132
LaHague - Greenpeace Reach LaHague with a sumbersible, take water probe and get back to Rainbow Warrior collecting all th...
0 0   135
Island Hop - The Real Giligan's Island Help Gilligan get off the island by lighting fire before the passing ship disappears. Watch out for...
0 0   156
Houdini - Temple Of The Serpent Help kidnapped Harry to escape from the sacrificial alter of a hidden Aztec Temple before its too la...
0 0   171
Aitchu Help Aitchu find Sowsi Sun from this aquatic domain. Search for passages and keys to continue your q...
0 0   153
The Battle Of Bob Be a 1940's war hero in the skies of Southern England. The trick is to protect your ship at all cost...
0 0   137
Brian's Night Out Take a trip through Brian's past, find clues and progress to next level
0 0   151
Ghost Motel 5 - Demon Underworld Tabitha is kidnapped to the underworld. Rescue her by finding clues and progressing to next level. T...
0 0   173
Ghost Motel 4 - Circus Find clues by looking around for and progress to the next level - fun to play
0 0   148
Gary And The BrainEaters From Mars You must defeat the aliens by removing their source of power - Happyworld Slushies.
0 0   197
15 Minutes Parking Park as many cars as you can in as few seconds as possible.
0 0   179
JAK 3 - The Journey Back Join Jak through his journey back and tries to survive at all costs. Many challenges to solve in ord...
0 0   157
Dots Save your pens, pencils, and paper! Its the classic paper game Dots, only in flash!
0 0   184
Bank Robber Play Online Startegy Games at YoudaGames.com - Youda Bank Robber the game.
0 0   255
Flash Craft Defend your Tower!
0 0   157
Sniper Assasin Eliminate your target stated on the mission briefing.
0 0   166
Penguin Diner Play as a diner owner and see if you can turn a profit.
0 0   172
Mystic Circle Magic Mirror is the first chapter in the Mystic Circle series. Your goal is to find the seven pieces...
0 0   174
Knight Tactics Use different tactics to defeat your opponent. Move your units around the map and attack the enemy u...
0 0   135

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